Arrivals & Departures
Each child will be welcomed into our group with a warm greeting and invited to jump right in to
where we are in our schedule that day. There is no specific arrival time requested, however if you
intend to arrive later than normal, please notify me prior to doing so. Your child will only be released
to the parent/guardian unless I am previously notified in writing and that person picking up your
child presents identification to me.

If there is an emergency, the parent will be notified immediately. I am infant/child/adult CPR certified
and have completed basic first aide training. I am also a CNA. In the event of an emergency, 911
will be called and your child will be transported by ambulance to the hospital listed in your file. I will
travel to the hospital with your child. And a member of my family will come and stay with the rest
of the group until I am able to return. We also practice weather and fire drills monthly.

I celebrate and decorate my home in accordance with traditional Christian recognized holidays.
If there are any holidays that you do not want your child to participate in, please
notify me ahead of time. I will also recognize multi-cultural holidays and educate
the children a bout them with stories, crafts, etc.

Miscellaneous Information…
This is a non-smoking home.

I'm a Christian mom with lots of experience!

We do have a dog, he's a chocolate lab, his name is Willie and although he's as friendly as
they come and LOVES kids, he will not be around the children during normal care hours.

You will receive a copy of our menu each month as well as our newsletter.

Please check out our website weekly, it has helpful & important information.

We will celebrate each child’s birthday on the day of, or the Friday before their birthday if it
falls on the weekend. I ask that each child brings a wrapped gift of $5.00-$10.00 value for
the birthday child and we will celebrate with a special treat and birthday party during that

We also have holiday parties - Halloween, Christmas, Valentines & St. Patty's Day.

I have mats for the children to rest on, but I ask you to provide a blanket, pillow and/or
“special friend” for them for comfort during rest time.

Super Duper Helper Reward ~ every time a kiddo does something nice or helps a friend out,
they get a sticker and when they get to 10 stickers, they get a special prize!

Every child has their own file that includes the Parent Contract, medical information and

I also take candid pictures of your child that will be passed along to you as well.

I ask that you provide a weather appropriate change of clothes for your child in case of an

Please feel free to call & check on your child during the day. If we are in the middle of a
project or activity, my voicemail will pick up. Leave a message & I will return your call asap.
Or feel free to contact me thru email @

We do go outside everyday (weather permitting) so please dress your child accordingly and
bring coats, hats, gloves, etc. during colder times of year.
More Useful Information...