Our schedule will be a daily routine however it may vary slightly due to the    
moods of the children, how many children are in attendance for that day, etc.
Following is an example of the daily routine for us.

    7:00-8:00        Free Play & Sprout or Nick Jr Channel

    8:00-8:30        Hands washed and Breakfast
                          (All children in care will be fed during this time.
                          If your child arrives after 8:30 please be sure
                          they have been fed before arrival).

    8:30-8:45          Potty break / diaper changes and hand-washing

    8:45-9:15          Outdoor Play (weather permitting)

    9:15-10:00        Circle time & Classwork

    10:00-10:15       Potty break / diaper changes and hand-washing

    10:15-10:45        Music / Exercise / Art

    10:45-11:00        Story Time

    11:00-11:30        Outdoor Play (weather permitting)

    11:30-11:45         Potty break / diaper changes and hand-washing

    11:45-12:30        Handwashing  & Lunch Time

    12:30-12:45        Clean-Up from lunch & go potty

    12:45-1:00         Story Time

    1:00-3:00          Nap time

    3:00-3:30          Wake up & snack time / Potty break & diaper changes
                            and hand-washing

    3:30-5:30          Free Play / TV Time  (Sprout, Disney or Nick Jr)

           Occasionally our schedule changes to allow for other activities such
           as Birthdays, Holiday Parties, the kids’ moods, etc.

           I also encourage self-help and good manners throughout the day!
Our daily schedule